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All DLW products come with a 5 year worldwide warranty, which ensures that during the period DLW product users will always able to easily obtain parts and components.

It is DLW’s pledge that our Users shall be able to continue operating their DLW displays continuously and profitably during the whole 5year warranty, in order to maximise their ROI and develop a strong and successful business with DLW products. 

The 5year Warranty starts on the date of issuance of our Factory QC Certificate. During the ensuing 5 years DLW will provide replacement parts, parts exchange  or repair works at not cost (labour and parts) providing that :

1. The Users shall contact us by email with a)DLW Display Serial Number b)list of faults/parts , and c) packing list, then upon our Acknowledgement they shall send the faulty parts to our HK Service Centre (click here for details) at their own cost ; 

2. Upon reception the parts will be assessed by our Product Service Engineers for Warranty eligibility and to determine the course of action. The result of the assessment will be informed to the User by email.

3. Faulty parts that show normal operational faults will be taken under warranty, and either repaired in HK or in our China facility, or will be exchanged if not repairable. The return shipping cost will be paid by DLW.

4. Faulty parts that show damages resulting from mis-usage, user mistake, dropped from height, liquid, undue mechanical stress or other non eligible criteria will be repaired at cost with a quotation for consideration by the client. In this situation the return shipping costs will be added to the quotation and paid by the client.



- Our Manufacturing Standards & QC


DLW prides itself to design & manufacture products at the highest quality standards in line with EUROPEAN & AMERICAN quality levels and expectations for professional AV equipment. This is obtained through our 3 key processes which are the fruits of 20years of experience in the professional AV manufacturing industry :

- DLW Designs tested to strictly meet the requirements of industry professionals, ensuring to meet all CE, UL electrical codes and using only original and genuine components with full traceability. 

- DLW Manufacturing through carefully selected and accredited manufacturing partners which DLW reviews on yearly basis for compliance to our rigorous criteria, including facilities, machineries, supply chain, management trustworthiness, and general ethics. DLW places high importance on the latter, ensuring that our Workers safety, conditions and rights are maintained in high standard across our factories, and that manufacturing and labour practices are fully complying with recognised international labour laws and regulations.

- DLW QC (Quality Control) methods include a 4-step process whereby our product experts would review the Quality at 4 stages of the production including :

a) during production to check all parts, materials and labour practices, 

b) at end of production to go through a highly minutious check of all components, wiring and assemblies, resulting in our « DLW Make Perfect » finishing process to improve and redo items considered of insufficient quality, and 

c) after full acceptance of the hardware and to test the system performance and establish preliminary calibrations, and

d) after packing for shipment, to ensure that all sensitive parts such as LED modules are packed with maximum protection for the voyage ahead, and to verify that all parts and accessories are fully included in our package.


Because we at DLW know from experience that our professional AV users need to fully rely on quality suppliers for meeting their tight project deadlines or show installations, our QC process is ensuring that at all levels of design, manufacturing and shipping of DLW systems are 100% ready and complete, ready to be deployed and delivered to construction site or show directly and made operational in the shortest time possible.



- Our Environmental & Sustainability Pledges


DLW is fully dedicated to protecting the planet and providing a healthy and sustainable environment to future generations through the adoption of all possible ways to REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE.


REDUCE : Our factories are ‘Green’ and their energy consumption is minimised by employing only latest technologies of machines with minimum power consumption. We also carefully minimise the waste by carefully controlling all production production parameters before start, to ensure that all workers have the clear message and mission. 

REUSE : Our offices have always had policies of very lean cost management concerning energy especially Air Conditioning which is now capped at 25deg, paper-saving practices which requires staff to reuse paper backside to print drafts and other policies such as ‘if it ain’t broken keep using it’ i.e. we have been recycling our office furniture for now over 20years….

RECYCLE : We have banned the use of single-use plastics and other take-away food containers in our offices, and our staffs are requested to use their own cups ; we have also provided our offices with fully equipped cantines where they staff can cook their meals, eat and then wash their utensils, thereby limiting the amount of plastic waste.


- WW Sales Agents


DLW is represented in parts of the world by our Sales Agents :


- Asia/Pacific : Mr David Mc Kinney, handles all business development and sales for the region and can be contacted at / +65 9375 1656

- Europe : S. Walster handles marketing and sales coordination for the region and can be contacted at :  /+33 6 73 72 82 40

- USA : Nicolas Kirsch handles all marketing, sales and projects for the region and can be contacted at :  / +852 9096 3472

- Middle-East : Axel Vanderoost handles all marketing, sales and projects for the region and can be contacted at : / +852 9665 0549

- Rest of the World :  Nicolas Kirsch handles all marketing and sales coordination for the region and can be contacted at : +852 9096 3472



Hong Kong R&D, HK & Macau Service Centres


DLW Hong Kong Service Centre

Unit A, 4/F, 53-55 Lockhard Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Opening hours : Monday – Friday, 10am to 5pm, by appointment at +852 2528 2980


DLW Macau Service Centre

4/F, Edifico Industrial Wan Kao, 35-35C Avenida do Almirante Lacerda, Macau

Opening hours : Monday – Friday, 12am to 7pm, by appointment at +853 6623 6091

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