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Our Story

Through years of being users and operators ourselves in the pro AV show field, working for many prestigious AV brand,

We took this expertise and our passion to create Digital Light Windows for a perfect picture.

We have been designing and manufacturing custom LED display solutions for the professional video wall market. We are based in Hong Kong, and Working with selected manufacturing platforms in Guangdong, China.

Our Environmental Pledges

REDUCE :  Our products are made of the highest quality materials, so our Users systems will last and operate for decades to come. We also operate Green factories with minimized energy consumption, careful waste control through meticulous production planning. 

REUSE : To ensure the long-term profitability and steadfast business development of our Users, we design all our products for easy repair and low maintenance cost. All our systems use standardized spare parts, which we maintain stocks ready at any time.

RECYCLE : Our systems LED module can easily be swapped and upgraded to higher image resolution and latest visual quality, while fully recycling all hardware and electronics. Thanks to this smart design 80% of all materials making up DLW displays are recyclable multiple times.

Our Technology

Our DIGITAL LIGHT WINDOWS (DLW) series of professional LED panels are providing highly cost competitive LED display solutions, from the highest-resolution P1.6mm for cinema reproduction to the largest imaginable sizes and scales of display, be it indoor or outdoor,wall-mobile display on double-decker buses.


Our product line of Magic Series LED Panels with Adaptable multi-pitch technology enables us to respond very fast to any client requirement, to design and produce in record time the perfect LED screen, with correct format and resolution for the client requirements, or business needs and architectural designs.

Our 5yr Warranty

All DLW products come
with a 5 year worldwide warranty, which ensures that during the period DLW product users will always be able to easily obtain parts and components.

It is DLW’s pledge that our Users shall be able to continue operating their DLW displays continuously and profitably during the whole 5 year warranty,

in order to maximise their ROI and develop a strong and successful business with DLW products.

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